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MO - FR 10 - 19 UHR | SA 10 - 16 UHR

TI100  Tony Iommi  Topteil


TI100 Tony Iommi Topteil

1.299,00 €
1.299,00 €
100 Watt


“It began with a clap of thunder and a tolling bell. Then, as a heavily distorted guitar played a diminished fifth – an interval once banned by the Roman Catholic Church for being the Devil’s interval – a male voice started to wail as if from the grave and music was never the same again.”


100 Watt

Independent 3 band EQ, Presence and Erhance per channel

Drive Volume

8x ECC83 Pre amp tubes

4x 6L6 output tubes switchable valve bias

Class A/B

FX Loop switchable to INSERT/ BYPASS/ SIDECHAIN modes with return level control