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Ironheart IRT-X Power Expander Cabinet


Ironheart IRT-X Power Expander Cabinet

357,00 €
357,00 €
Ironheart Serie
200 Watt
Speaker Größe


The IRT-X’s Electro/Mechanical Reactive Linking (ERL) offers you tonal options previously unavailable for YOUR tone. The IRT-X connects to YOUR amps output section – before the speaker and mimics the electronic and mechanical interaction between them! AT FULL RANGE


200 Watt RMS

High Quality 8" Bass Driver

High Quality 1" Compression Driver     

Stereo FX Loop

EQ Controls

Switchable Speaker Emulations

Speaker in a through connectors

Line In, Aux in 

Balanced DI Output with Source Switching 

Speaker Phasing Switch

Hum busting ground lift switches 

MP3 input (mini jack)