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 IRT Studio Rack Head Gitarrentopteil


IRT Studio Rack Head Gitarrentopteil

499,00 €
499,00 €
Ironheart Serie
15 Watt


Featuring the same great IRONHEART tones as the bigger heads but in a low wattage studio package with some neat features added. Most of us agree that we’d love to record in a situation where making a lot of noise was not an problem but in most cases we’re recording in our home studios and making a lot of noise is not always an option. So the IRONHEART IRT-STUDIO has a couple of features designed specifically to allow you to get a great tone whether you are recording in the studio or recording live.


15 Watt, all tube ( 2x EL84, 3x ECC83)

<1W input option for cranked power tube tones at low volume 

Full Ironheart pre-amplifier( 3 channels, pre-boost, pull-boost EQ controls, reverb)

Speaker-emulated record out direct from the power tubes

Internal dummy load

USB Audio I/O plus pre-amp send jack for use with any DAW 

2U rack-mount

MP3 input (mini jack) 

Gigbag included