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IRT60H Head Gitarrentopteil


IRT60H Head Gitarrentopteil

605,00 €
605,00 €
Ironheart Serie
60 Watt
4/8/16 Ohm


Packed full of features, amazing tone and a thoroughly modern and aggressive look, the Ironheart models are extremely versatile modern amplifiers. Capable of masses of usable gain, these amplifiers are perfect for modern metal. Utilising 3 channels and built in pre boosts, they are also extremely versatile in any musical situation. Tones from crystal cleans to bluesy crunch, full on rock to molten modern lead sounds are available at the click of a switch.


60 Watt

Per Channels: Passive Bass, Mid, Treble with switchable Deep, Mid Shift & Treble Shift

Master Section: Dynamics & Tone

Laney Designed Digital Reverb

4x 12AX7 / EEC83 Preamp tubes 

4x 6L6 Output tubes

Pre Boost input control

"watts" output level control

switchable channels, with switchable clean mode

includes 4 way footswitch (FS4-IRT)