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Le Crunch Dual Channel Preamp

Two Notes

Le Crunch Dual Channel Preamp

269,00 €
269,00 €


Le Crunch combines the greatest tones of the classic British stack of amps that have defined Rock’n’Roll since the late 60’s. Channel A’s clean throaty voice is pure plexi heaven while Channel B screams move over, let there be rock! The Hot Fusion mode crosses over into the high gain territory where shredders and down tuned riffers write all the rules.


Channel A footswitch

Channel A Input Gain Channel A EQ settings

Channel A volume

Fusion mode selector Fusion

Level Channel B Input Gain Channel B

EQ settings Channel B volume Tube window

(Ruby 12AX7AC5 HG)

Channel B footswitch  Instrument input

Thru output FX Loop Send output MIDI input

Power adapter connector Headphones output Speaker Simulation Ground Lift switch

Balanced DI output MIDI output FX Loop Return input Instrument output Channel B footswitch